Professional Certificate Research & Development Technician (BPTRD)

Published on: 13.06.2019

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Professional Certificate Research & Development Technician (BPTRD)

The Research & Development Technician (or Animal Technician) is responsible for maintaining laboratory animals in their adapted living environment, respecting the rules of ethics, animal welfare and the legislation in force. He or she contributes to the management of a research animal house and participates in the implementation and monitoring of protocols.
You will receive a professionally recognized, Level IV Diploma Course delivered by professional trainers from the private and public research sector and CFPPA trainers.
In a highly committed multidisciplinary team, you will have as main mission to ensure and control the housing and maintenance of laboratory animals and the maintenance of their environment.

You are a job seeker. You are under 25, you are passionate about animal welfare and research and development in the field of Biotechnology.
With equal skills, all our positions are open to people with disabilities.

The CFPPA 41 Vendôme is the professional training organization with which you can acquire the Professional Certificate of Research & Development Technician in two years, with 600 hours of training within the organization (the rest within of our teams).

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