Valbiotis, French scientific research laboratory

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Valbiotis is a French scientific research laboratory, specialized in the development and marketing of food supplements for the prevention and fight against metabolic disorders causing cardiovascular diseases.

To achieve this goal, Valbiotis has developed an exclusive and unique scientific approach founded on specific combinations of plant-based molecules. The active substances, which are called “Totum”, act directly on the key metabolic parameters of the body.
Our unique approach focuses on prevention by providing health nutrition solutions.

Internationally, its products are intended to be the subject of licensing agreements with global or regional health and nutrition players. In France, Valbiotis will be responsible for marketing its own products.

Key information about Valbiotis

Listed on Euronext Growth in 2017
3 patent families, at least 61 countries covered
Prediabetes – Type 2 diabetes – Dyslipidemia – Arterial hypertension – MASLD/MASH
3 locations in France: Périgny (17), La Rochelle (17), Riom (63)
1 subsidiary at Quebec City (Canada)
65 employees
An e-commerce website:

Our vision, our mission

New cases of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, including diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, raised blood pressure, MASLD are on the rise worldwide and in France.

At Valbiotis, with our research and development teams, we develop nutrition healthcare products, based on a multi-target approach enabled by the use of plants and benefitting from a high level of evidence. Our R&D efforts have been handsomely rewarded, as all our plant-based active substances are protected by international patents and intellectual property.

Our goal: reduce the impact these diseases may have on millions of at-risk individuals, worldwide.

Valbiotis is a player committed to prevention and accompanying patients with diagnosed early stages diseases, both public health issues.

Our quality process

At Valbiotis, our R&D focuses on the multi-target complementary and/or synergistic effects of the various biomolecules from the plant totum. Our products are derived from food plants and plant extracts, and are subject to rigorous scientific and clinical development.

Valbiotis’ teams have extensive scientific, clinical and regulatory expertise, and exceptional skills in:
• New-generation screening techniques,
• Complete characterization of plant substances,
• Plant biomolecule extraction, purification, fractionation and pharmacomodulation processes,
• Preclinical studies in multiple areas: molecular, cellular, tissue, in vivo.

To improve our expertise and accelerate innovation and development, Valbiotis:
• Entered into partnerships with leading academic centers as soon as the company was founded,
• In September 2018, Valbiotis created its own 1,200 m² platform for Discovery and Preclinical Research on metabolic diseases at its site in Riom, France.

The Quality Assurance Department at Valbiotis is responsible for ensuring its Quality Management System, certified ISO 9001, meets the highest standards.

Our Quality Management System, a reflection of our commitment, allows us to:
• Ensure the quality, traceability and integrity of our R&D data,
• Conduct clinical trials compliant with the highest standards and Good Clinical Practices,
• Ensure the safety and quality of our products from the earliest stages of development and throughout their life cycle,
• Guarantee the materials sourced are of the highest quality and perfectly traceable,
• Control manufacturing processes in accordance with applicable standards (HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practice for Manufacturers of Food Supplements),
• Control the quality of the services provided by our subcontractors and suppliers,
• Meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

ISO 9001 certification was granted in March 2021 for the “design, development and production of solutions aimed at the prevention and fight against metabolic and cardiovascular diseases”.
Download the ISO 9001 certificate here

Compliance, quality, integrity, and anticipating the expectations of our stakeholders are the cornerstone of our Quality Policy, thereby ensuring the highest level of quality is achieved at each stage of the life cycle of our products, from preclinical research to clinical development, and ultimately industrial-scale production.

Our commitments regarding Corporate Social Responsabilities (CSR)

Valbiotis positions itself as a company firmly committed to promoting a more responsible, ethical, and sustainable future. This commitment goes beyond our initial mission focused on reducing the impact of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases on millions of at-risk individuals worldwide.

Structuring a comprehensive CSR approach following ISO 26000 standards

Under the direction of a specific steering committee reporting to the CEO, this approach commits us to contribute to sustainable development challenges and to integrate risk management related to social, environmental, and economic issues into all our activities. We commit to initially address these deemed essential issues:

  • Respecting the rights of individuals and promoting responsible relationships and working conditions;
  • Reducing the impact of our activities on the environment;
  • Developing ethics in our business relationships;
  • Focusing on local development and the common good.

Refer to our committed manifesto for a sustainable future here (in French).

Valbiotis joint the Coq Vert community in 2023

Community of leaders convinced of the need to act and already engaged in the ecological and energy transition. Launched by Bpifrance, in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of EcologicalTransition, this community advocates to promote the sharing of expertise.


Our history

Positive restults of the Phase II/III REVERSE-IT study with TOTUM•63.
FDA approval for NDI status for a plant extract present in all TOTUM products.
Positive results of the TOTUM•070 Phase II clinical study (HEART).
Signing of the United Nations Global Compact and joining the Global Compact France Network.
Strategic evolution: international licence and/or distribution agreements and direct marketing by Valbiotis in France.
Exclusive agreement with ADECAL Technopole and IFREMER to explore microalgae.
First subsidiary, open in Quebec City (Canada), dedicated to clinical research.
First 3 scientific papers on TOTUM•63, published in international peer-reviewed journals.
Launch of the Phase II HEART study for TOTUM•070.
ISO 9001 certification granted.
Launch of the Phase II/III REVERSE-IT study for TOTUM•63.
Three new active substances in the pipeline: TOTUM•070, TOTUM•854 and TOTUM•448.
Successful industrial-scale production of TOTUM•63 in collaboration with the Pierre Fabre group.
Positive results from the Phase II clinical study of TOTUM•63.
Creation of a proprietary technical platform for Discovery and Preclinical Research on our Riom site.
Initial public offering on the Euronext Growth market.
TOTUM•63: Presentation of Phase I/II clinical results at the American Diabetes Association 77th Scientific Sessions in San Diego, California.
Discovery of the “TOTUM•63” active substance.
The company is founded in La Rochelle.

Our governance

After completing a thesis on nutrition in the field of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases at the Laboratory of Applied and Fundamental Bioenergetics (U1055 INSERM) at Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble, France) under the supervision of Professor Xavier Leverve, Sébastien worked at a spin-off of the Free University of Brussels in Belgium on a drug candidate in the area of enteral and parenteral nutrition. In 2007, he joined the Lescuyer Laboratory, where he was rapidly entrusted with management of the Research & Development Department. In this position, he notably oversaw the entire application process for one of the only health claims ever to obtain a positive response from the EFSA for reducing a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Sébastien chaired the Biopôle Santé – Réseau Expert, Territoire d’Innovation, Service de Valorisation en Santé (regional expert network for innovation and optimization in the health sector) for the Poitou-Charentes region and later for Nouvelle-Aquitaine for over five years until March 2017. He was also granted the French higher degree authorizing the supervision of research (HDR – Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) from Blaise Pascal University (which later became the University of Clermont Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand), allowing him to officially supervise PhD students. Sébastien is an active member of the French Nutrition Society and the American Diabetes Association. He is also a member of the Strategic Committee of La Rochelle Technopole and President of the La Rochelle University Foundation. Sébastien has written over 35 international scientific articles and papers, and has developed more than five patent families.

With over 15 years of research experience, Pascal has exceptional expertise in metabolic diseases. Pascal was a Lecturer at the University of Clermont Auvergne between 2008 and 2018, and has headed the institution’s technical functional assessment platform since 2010. He has also launched several international scientific partnerships with Vanderbilt University (Nashville, USA), the Maine Medical Center Research Institute (Portland, USA) and the University of Texas (Houston, USA) with regard to research projects on the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes. In 2005, Pascal graduated with a PhD in Biological and Biochemical Health Sciences from Montpellier University and was also granted the French higher degree authorizing the supervision of research (HDR – Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) in 2016. Pascal has been heavily involved in Valbiotis since it was founded in 2014. As a member of the Scientific Committee, Pascal was in charge of collaborative projects involving the University of Clermont Auvergne and Valbiotis. In 2017, he was appointed Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Valbiotis and took over management of the Discovery and Preclinical and Translational Research Department. As such, Pascal is also at the helm of our two R&D centers in La Rochelle and Riom. Furthermore, he is the co-inventor of a number of key technologies used for the development of Valbiotis.

After managing a team responsible for the implementation and development of clinical study management at Nantes University Hospital, in 2002, Murielle founded BIOFORTIS, a leading CRO (contract research organization). In addition to achieving the growth of her company, Murielle contributed to local economic development by attracting the MÉRIEUX pharmaceutical group to Nantes. In 2009, BIOFORTIS joined the MÉRIEUX group, and Murielle successfully managed its integration into the MÉRIEUX NUTRISCIENCES subsidiary. In addition, Murielle took on the role of Chair of the “Atlanpole Biothérapies” cluster from 2012 to 2018 with a view to establishing new therapies and accelerating the development of personalized medicine by facilitating joint university and industry research programs.

Sébastien BESSY is an expert in the Consumer Healthcare sector, having held various marketing and innovation positions at major pharmaceutical companies over the past 20 years. He has unique international experience, both operational and strategic, in consumer marketing and product innovation, particularly in Europe, Asia including China, North America and Latin America. During his last 6 years at Ipsen, Sébastien held the positions of Vice-President Global Marketing & Portfolio Strategy Consumer Healthcare and Vice-President Global Strategic Operations Consumer Healthcare. Prior to joining Ipsen, Sébastien previously held the positions of Managing Director Europe at Biofortis, a subsidiary of Mérieux Nutrisciences, Global Director of "Probiotic Platform" Innovation at Merck Consumer Healthcare, Global Strategic Marketing Director at Merck Consumer Healthcare and Global Marketing Manager at Reckitt Benckiser. Sébastien is a graduate of ISC Paris and began his career at Sanofi Aventis.

After starting his career in an audit firm at PwC, Stanislas worked at Urgo laboratories in various positions in Management Control and Financial Control for 4 years then at Sanofi-pasteur-MSD for 10 years in the functions of controller. management, transformation finance project manager and finance direction, both nationally and internationally. He then embarked on an entrepreneurial experience as a part-time DAF for 5 years at Acting Executive, (while assuming Operational Management), during which he notably supported start-ups and SMEs on missions structuring the Finance function but also building a business plan or seeking financing. He then served as CFO at Mablink Biosciences, where he supported the company's various stages of transformation, including the M&A transaction at Lilly & Company.

Charlotte brings to the Company a strong HR expertise forged by over twenty years of experience in international groups, primarily pharmaceutical. After a dual training in law and human resources management, Charlotte held operational HR responsibilities in, among others, the Fournier Laboratory and the GSK group before occupying strategic HR management positions, at Pfizer then Biogen, where she developed strong skills in supporting business strategies and operational plans. With this high-level experience, Charlotte has the necessary expertise to address the main HR challenges in contexts of corporate structural transformation: allocation and efficient organization of resources, management of skills development, quality of social relations and development of corporate social responsibility.

Laurent has a PhD in Physics and Chemistry, with a specialization in nanomaterials, from the Pierre and Marie Curie University and the CEA (French Commission for Atomic Energy), and a Master of Advanced Studies in Condensed Matter Physics from UPVI-ESPCI (Paris). He has acquired extensive experience in the science and techniques associated with nanomedicine, a field in which he has worked for over a decade. His research is at the forefront of chemistry, biology and physics, and has enabled him to design a certain number of practical applications in nanomedicine, such as the NanoXray technology, which could herald the start of a new era in cancer treatment. Before founding Nanobiotix in 2003, for several years, Laurent worked as a consultant in the development of nanotechnology applications for groups such as Sanofi (pharma), Guerbet (medical imaging) and Rhodia (chemistry), as well as for biotech start-ups. The author of 35 international scientific publications and papers, Laurent has filed many patents and topped off his career with a post-doctorate at the Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics of SUNY (State University of New York), Buffalo, in the United States.

Jean has over 30 years’ experience in various international executive positions and cutting-edge expertise in the pharmaceutical and nutrition sectors, their environments and their challenges. The Scientific Director of NOVARTIS Pharma SAS, and then Special Scientific Adviser to the CEO and a member of the Executive Committee, Jean was also Chief Medical Officer and a member of the Executive Committee of Nestlé Health Science in Vevey, Switzerland, for two years, contributing to the growth of the personalized medicine and health nutrition business segments. For close to 20 years, Jean also held various executive and R&D positions at SANOFI, including that of Vice-President and Head of Market Access, Vice-President and Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, and Vice-President and Deputy Head of Global Medical Affairs. Jean is also Vice-President of ARIIS (alliance for research and innovation in health industries) and Chairman of the working group on the attractiveness of France for clinical research headed by Leem, an association of French pharmaceutical companies. Before joining the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Zetlaoui was a hospital practitioner at the Bicêtre University Hospital (CHU). Jean has a PhD in Medicine and is specialized in anesthesia and resuscitation. He also completed an Executive MBA in Finance and International Business at the ESSEC Business School (1991).

A graduate of ICN Business School in Nancy, with a post-graduate degree in accounting (DECS), and a member of the French Society of Financial Analysts (SFAF), Agnès began her career in 1986 at the Banque de Vizille, specialized in mid-cap transactions, which merged in 2011 with other entities of the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale group to create CM-CIC INVESTISSEMENT. From 1990 to 1997, she served as Financial Director and Board Member of the SHB hotel group in Lyon, which went on to merge with ACCOR. In 1997, she joined AVENIR TELECOM, a distributor specialized in mobile telephony, for whom she led the initial public offering on Eurolist C in November 1998. For 17 years, as the Administrative and Financial Director of the group (1,800 employees and €290 million in revenue in 2015), she managed a number of mergers and acquisitions and also oversaw investor relations. In 2015, she was appointed Financial Director of the transport and logistics group TRANSALLIANCE (3,000 employees and €600 million in revenue), which operates in seven European countries. From June 2016 to February 2018, she was the Administrative and Financial Director at IDEOL, an innovative company created in 2010 in La Ciotat (46 employees, €4 million in revenue) and a leader in floating offshore wind power.