Valbiotis’ pipeline


Four active substances to reduce the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases

At Valbiotis, our goal is to revolutionize healthcare by developing a new class of health nutrition products designed to reduce the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Plant extracts are at the very heart of our multi-target approach. These four innovative active substances are intended for people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, MASH (Metabolic-dysfunction-Associated Steato-Hepatitis), and/or cardiovascular diseases. Clinical development plans are in place with a view to obtaining specific health claim authorizations for each product from regulatory authorities such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States), the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority in Europe) and other country-specific authorities.


TOTUM•63: to reduce fasting blood glucose, a type 2 diabetes risk factor.
Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070): to reduce LDL-cholesterol, a cardiovascular risk factor.
TOTUM•854: to reduce blood pressure, a cardiovascular risk factor.
TOTUM•448: to reduce hepatic steatosis, a risk condition for MASLD.