Development and manufacturing at Valbiotis

Expertise in the development and manufacturing of our active substances

Our teams of specialists work on the development and manufacturing of our products according to specifications that have been carefully designed. These specifications require a high level of quality, skills and performance.


• Sourcing of plant extracts that comply with the regulations, and meet our quality and traceability requirements.
• Development of active substances: technological expertise in the fields of extraction and chromatographic purification.
• Establishing analytical methods that meet the requirements of the pharmacopoeias and food safety regulations to ensure the characterization and safety of our products.
• Transposition to manufacturing on production sites that comply with our specifications.
• Control over the manufacturing of our active substances and related packaging in line with Good Manufacturing Practices*.
• Management of all our suppliers and contractors.

*Good Manufacturing Practices applicable to food supplements.

Quality commitment

The care with which we select our ingredients and components, our traceability and control of manufacturing processes, and demanding quality control procedures, as well as strict compliance with applicable standards (HACCP*, Good Manufacturing Practices) guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

The ISO 9001 certification of our quality management system illustrates our high level of control over production processes.

*Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.