Lipidrive® (TOTUM•070): for people with mild to moderate LDL hypercholesterolemia

Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070) is a unique patented combination of plant extracts, clinically proven for patients with untreated, mild to moderate LDL hypercholesterolemia, associated with a moderate overall cardiovascular risk.

  • 15 communications in international scientific congresses since 2021: American Heart Association (AHA), European Society of Cardiology (ESC), European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS).
  • 3 scientific publications in the international peer-reviewed: Nutrients and Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine.
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Hypercholesterolemia: a major, yet modifiable, cardiovascular risk factor

Over time, excess blood cholesterol, in particular LDL cholesterol, weakens and narrows the arteries. This “atherosclerosis” contributes to the onset of serious diseases such as heart attack, stroke and arteritis of the lower limbs.
Hypercholesterolemia affects 39% of adults worldwide according to the WHO. Treatment is based on lifestyle changes, combined with prescribed drugs for patients with a high risk of cardiovascular disease. For patients classified as medium-risk, there are few non-drug, clinically proven preventive treatment options available.

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– US Preventive Services Task Force, Final Recommendation Statement, JAMA, 2016.

Key figures on LDL cholesterol

1.6 g/l: this is the normal level of blood LDL cholesterol for patients with no additional cardiovascular risk factor. Above this level, LDL hypercholesterolemia is diagnosed and the risk of cardiovascular disease increases.

Source: Fédération française de cardiologie, 2021, (accessed June 29, 2022).

A 10% reduction in the blood LDL cholesterol levels of hypercholesterolemic patients reduces the risk of heart disease by 50% over five years.

Source: WHO, Global Health Observatory (GHO, data on men aged > 40 years old).

Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070): an innovative and clinically tested non-drug response

Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070) was developed for people with mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia associated witha low to intermediate overall cardiovascular risk, before treatments and as a support to health and diet measures.

Reduce the blood level of LDL cholesterol, and through it the overall cardiovascularrisk, without waiting for the situation to deteriorate.

Lipidrive®, an innovative non-medicinal active substance:

  • 100% natural, based on a patented combination of 5 plant extracts (artichoke leaf, olive leaf, golden chamomile, goji berry, black pepper);
  • Without red yeast rice;
  • No coloring, gluten-free, allergen-free, preservative-free;
  • Designed and developed in France.
Product marketed in France from May under the brand Valbiotis®PRO Cholesterol

Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070): 2 clinical efficacy studies (HEART and OLALIP), carried out on more than 150 subjects

Increased effectiveness on the targeted population from 6 weeks:

Efficactive for 93% of patients, positive results were observed in volunteers with mild to moderateexcess cholesterol, and not following lipid-lowering treatment.

Both studies demonstrated:

  • excellent tolerance revealing no major side effects
  • excellent compliance of 97% (average for the two clinical studies)

Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070) is entering its very last clinical stage with an ongoing Phase II/III study on 180 patients, HEART 2.

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Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070), a demonstrated multi-target mode of action

Clinical and preclinical studies have documented the multi-target mode of action of Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070). According to these data, the lipid-lowering effect of Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070) is mainly based:

  • at the intestinal level, on the reduction of the absorption of cholesterol;
  • at the hepatic level, on the reduction in cholesterol production by hepatocytes and reduction of cholesterol storage in hepatocytes.

In humans, Lipidrive® (formerly TOTUM•070) specifically reduces the abundance of bacteria of the Dorea genus, associated with hypercholesterolemia, while preserving the intestinal microbiota.

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Intellectual property of TOTUM•070

The patent has been granted in key markets : USA, Europe, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil.






The European Union participated in the financing of the research project on TOTUM•070.