100 portraits beyond diabetes

This unique operation is based on sharing the experience of 100 individuals, living or not with diabetes, of all ages and all professions: entrepreneurs, young creatives, sportsmen and women, students, artists, associations leaders but also healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, nutritionists, etc. 100 volunteers who actively shed light to their job or remarkable action in the field of diabetes. Through this original experience, Abbott, committed in diabetology for more than 20 years alongside of experts, healthcare professionals, associations and patients, aims at showing that an active and full life is possible beyond diabetes. Know more: www.100portraits.fr An advisory committee participated in selecting 100 candidates: Pr Serge Halimi – diabetologist, Dr Claude Colas – diabetologist, Dr Dominique Pierrat – Top Santé editor in chief and Solange Arnaud, founder of the medoucine.com start-up. All texts published aside the photo of each person involved in the project were written under their own responsibility.